The Holiest Thing





What God arranges for us to experience at each moment
is the holiest thing that could happen to us.
~Jean-Pierre Caussade

I know there are moments
when there is no holiness in sight,
and even God hides His face;
certainly His Son cried out in anguish too.
So we tread barefoot and bloodied on this holy ground,
whether rocky, muddy, crumbling or cushioned,
and He is there, walking before us,
ready to pick us up if we fall.





3 thoughts on “The Holiest Thing

  1. Emily, I agree completely with your astute comment that not all ‘moments’ [in our lives] are holy. The Hebrew psalmists knew this and reacted accordingly. They were not at all reticent about (figuratively) shaking their fists at Yahweh when experiencing the various evils that occurred in their lives and asking that He dispatch the evil forces that were responsible. They pleaded for righteous justice – on the spot. There are a total of 150 Psalms in the Hebrew Psalter, the same number that appear in most Christian bibles. Of those 150, 55 are categorized as ‘laments’ – 38 ‘individual’ and 17 ‘communal.’ All have one basic theme in common: cries for help, asking Yahweh to intervene to ease their suffering, punish their enemies, and protect them against evil.

    So, as Ecclesiastes (Qoheleth) reminds us from millennia ago, “Nothing is new under the sun” (1: 9b).
    We, too, cry out in anguish at the injustices in our ever-shrinking world. These have many names and are manifested in many ways: greed; racism; murder of innocents in the womb and of the aged and infirm at life’s end; poverty caused by the unequal distribution of the world’s resources; violating the innocence of our youth
    through insidious and pervasive immorality; and despoiling our physical environment – His gift of Creation with all of its splendor and basic means for human survival.

    But the Lord IS there with us in all of this self-inflicted human folly that brings us such untold tragedy and suffering. He does not cause it. He must weep as He views what we have done to each other and to His Creation. For the innocent who cry out in anguish and ask, as the Psalmists did, ‘Where are you, God, why are you allowing this to happen to us?” I believe that He has already answered that question — when he gave us the gift of free will! We have chosen to disregard and abuse His gifts. Now we are reaping what we have sown.
    The next move is ours. He is there. He is waiting for us to right our wrongs!

    A modern poet wrote some touching thoughts about our questioning God’s seeming indifference to our
    suffering in her poem “Footprints” that was popular years ago. The last line is worth repeating here. As is proper, it is the Lord who has the last word:
    “During your times of trial and suffering when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you.”
    Check it out.


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