As If


God loves each of us as if there were only one of us to love.
Saint Augustine

When I am one of so many
there can be nothing special
to attract attention
or affection

When I blend into the background
among a multitude of others,
indistinct and plain,
common as grains of sand

There is nothing to hold me up
as rare, unique,
or exceptional,
worthy of extra effort.

Yet it is not about my worth,
my work, my words;
it is about His infinite capacity
to love anything formed

by the touch of His vast hand,
by the contraction of His immense heart,
by the boundlessness of His breath
reaching me
as if
as if
as if
I were the only one.




5 thoughts on “As If

  1. Emily, You say that you are not the ONLY one! Actually, no one can claim that in His vast, carefully and lovingly formed creation. But YOU, Emily Polis Gibson ARE one in many special ways, not the least of which is that, by your life, your example, your words, your tenacious faith, you serve Him by using these attributes that create a mirror image of Him and all that He is.

    If each one of us strove to do this we would recognize and appreciate His unqualified love. That, in turn, would then change the world we inhabit into the beautiful place that He intended it to be.


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