Finding a Thin Place


cobsunsetpnp14“Thin places,” the Celts call this space,
Both seen and unseen,
Where the door between the world
And the next is cracked open for a moment
And the light is not all on the other side.
God shaped space. Holy.

~Sharlande Sledge


…in a thin place, there is an immediacy of experience
where words of faith become words of life…
~Sylvia Maddox


Deep peace of the running wave
Deep peace of the flowing air
Deep peace of the quiet earth
Deep peace of the shining stars
Deep peace of the Son of Peace.
~Celtic blessing


Our Lord is great, and great His praise
From just this one small part of earth,
Then what of the image of His greatness
Which comes from the whole of His fine work?
…What of the greatness and pure loveliness,
Of God Himself?
~Thomas Jones, Welsh Minister

One thought on “Finding a Thin Place

  1. Mesmerizing photography, Emily. Light does such mysterious things to help us to see the ‘unseen.’ For me, the most comforting knowledge is that God in present to us – in light and in darkness. In fact, it seems that when we descend into the unknown depths of darkness (as we all must occasionally) , His presence seems to be that much stronger. One does not have to ‘see’ it; one just knows by instinct born of Faith that this is true.


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