Beyond Me

pear bark
core of a tulip by Josh Scholten
core of a tulip by Josh Scholten

So strange, life is. 
Why people do not go around
in a continual state of surprise
is beyond me.
~William Maxwell

If I stop and really look at something I usually pass by with only a cursory glance, I am astonished at what I didn’t see before.
Inside and up close is an unfamiliar richness and strangeness, as if of a foreign world, that I might miss altogether if I didn’t find the time to be surprised by life.

It is beyond me how much is beyond me.
It is all beyond me.

pink dogwood at sunset
campfire by Josh Scholten
campfire by Josh Scholten



2 thoughts on “Beyond Me

  1. Emily, I agree. When I was a child I discovered that if I was sad, all I had to do was go outside and look around me. There was ALWAYS enough beauty, even in the tiniest things, to make me forget my sadness. I think that not all people are oriented thus–there are people who “see” and people who just don’t. They may use their other senses to elicit wonder and awe. But I like seeing.


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