Infinite Worth










Christianity preaches the infinite worth of that which is seemingly worthless and the infinite worthlessness of that which is seemingly so valued.
~Dietrich Bonhoeffer









Why do we strive mightily for what ultimately has no worth or meaning?  We spend too much of our lives accumulating that which cannot last, blinded to the reality of our inherent worth from the moment we came to be.

We are worthy because we are His, created for His Glory, illuminated by His Light.

It’s that simple: we bloom.

















2 thoughts on “Infinite Worth

  1. Your words, Emily, and those of Rev. Dietrich — inherent truths all, scream out at we spend our money, our time, our energy, our adulation and fealty in pursuit of ‘things.’ We have become slaves, sycophants to the false gods that lure us so cleverly through insidious subliminal advertising into believing that what we need and desire the most is for sale (cash or credit card). Their insistent promises seek to guarantee us that what they have for us will satisfy our ever-increasing insatiable appetites for pleasures and earthly goods that, as you so wisely attest, will not last.

    Years ago in the ’60s and ’70s during one of our country’s religious ‘revivals’ the catch phrase, ‘Bloom where you are planted,’ was popular, especially among Christians. Like the sower’s problems in the parable, however, much of what was planted in our minds at the time did not bear fruit either. We listened instead to the ‘other’ voices that brought us wars upon wars, violence, hatred; dissolution of many families, leaving ‘lost’ rudderless children without moral guidance; loss of respect for the gifts, the sacredness, of God-created human life and unique human sexuality; and immorality of all description. All of which has set the stage for the madness and unparalleled human suffering and destruction of our earth that we have wrought in our turning from our Creator — who has promised us nothing like the deceit and emptiness that lures us away from Him. What He promises us instead is Eternal Life, Peace, and Love — WITH HIM. FOREVER!

    In the midst of all the horror, devastation, and the apostasy that we see in the ‘world’ and in every facet of our lives today — there is HOPE. There is LOVE. These offset the suffering and the evil that we see among us. There is FAITH in the One — the ONLY ONE — who can change human hearts and re-adjust our eyesight to see His TRUTH.. This is what we must pray for and demonstrate by our actions.

    There exist among us today (as always) the ‘unseen,’ unnoticed persons unvalued by the ‘world,’ who show us the way – who lead and encourage us by their actions and by their lived faith. Many are often called to pay the price for their faithfulness through ridicule and by martyrdom. We will recognize and know these sources of goodness and hope. We will know them by the beauty and brilliance of the ‘FRUITS of their ‘BLOOM.’

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