A Narrow Dwelling

doorway at Stirling Castle, Scotland

O Lord,
The house of my soul is narrow;
enlarge it that you may enter in.
~Augustine of Hippo


…the miracle of God comes not only from above;
it also comes through us;
it is also dwelling in us. 
It has been given to every person,
and it lies in every soul as something divine,
and it waits.
it waits for the hour when the soul shall open itself,

having found its God and its home. 
When this is so,
the soul will not keep its wealth to itself,
but will let it flow out into the world.
~Eberhard Arnold

2 thoughts on “A Narrow Dwelling

  1. This is stunning, Emily. For me it seems to define what the ‘soul’ is, how it came to exist within us, and what its purpose is. Arnold’s idea about the soul not keeping its wealth to itself, letting it flow out into the world suggests to me the meaning of ‘evangelization’ of the unchurched or, more specifically, reaching out to those who have never met Jesus or heard the ‘good news’ of the Gospel. I think that both of these actions are the responsibility of all who have received these priceless gifts. We need to proclaim, to witness, to share.
    Thank you for giving me lots to think about.


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