One thought on “Possessing Blessing

  1. Yes, Tom, we DID have many special blessings and personal rights codified in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. You were correct. We were the envy of the nations. I’m glad that you are not here to see them perniciously being taken from us through legislative fiat in our Congress, Presidential administrations and the Supreme Court.

    We honor you and your contemporaries for what you achieved for us that hot summer in Philadelphia and the times following. Your foresight was perhaps one of our greatest blessings.

    And, oh yes, where is Tom Paine when we need him?
    Our country is now persecuting and prosecuting citizens who dare to speak up, especially those who offer proof of secret dealings that are destroying the freedoms that were assured by your prophetic actions. They call some of
    these new ‘citizen Paines’ ‘whistleblowers.’ You would perhaps find that a strange name.


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