ZuZu’s Petals (on watching “It’s A Wonderful Life”)

Our sons were always skeptical
of movies filmed in black and white
until they saw the classic tale
where steadfast George fights Potter’s might.

Amusing most was their clear view
that Mary, George’s gentle wife
was“hot” and it was very true
that she would love him all her life.

I want to be like her for you
when times are hard and uncontrolled.
I won’t forget what we’ve been through
to be your shelter in the cold.

I’m ZuZu’s petals tucked in close
whenever you are lost in storm.
Your pocket full of scent of rose
to bring you home to where it’s warm.


I needed to revise this to a metered, rhyming format for a poetry class I’m taking–my original version is here

2 thoughts on “ZuZu’s Petals (on watching “It’s A Wonderful Life”)

  1. Every time Ifind my faith in the future waning, I visit something of yours. Will try to make it the garage today.


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