The Pebble’s Splash

photo by Josh Scholten

The least movement is of importance to all nature. The entire ocean is affected by a pebble.
~Blaise Pascal

Most days I’m the ocean rocked by the most minute ripples.  The building waves created by forces beyond my control feel tsunami-like though they probably started out small.  I can do nothing but let them flow over, around and beneath me, riding them up and down, trying not to get submerged for long and not get sea-sick.  Lately it feels like a barrage: instead of letting up, the billows roll larger and mightier, at times relentlessly powerful, changing everything in their path.

Instead of being the rippled, I hope some time to become the rippler in a way that can move oceans or mountains or most amazing of all, another soul, just once.  In some tiny way, I hope I can say or do or write something that makes a positive difference in someone’s life, and that person forwards the ripple, spreading the wave a little further, a little broader, a little deeper to affect others.  Traveling far beyond the original thrown pebble, it can never to be pulled back once it is let loose.

I know what it is like for a blog post to go viral, becoming an ocean in churning turmoil, not a mere pebble starting with a least movement.  Instead, I hope to be the most insignificant of change agents, barely there, just moving enough of another heart and soul to start something that will grow and spread by itself, wild and wonderful.

I don’t know what it might be or how I might do it.  Perhaps it is as simple as skipping rocks, choosing the best flattest pebble, rubbing the smooth sides between my fingers, and with a momentary regret at giving it up to the ocean, I’ll haul back and just let it go.  It will skip once, twice, three four five even six times and then disappear below. The surface of the water will never be the same again.

Nor will I.

photo by Josh Scholten

4 thoughts on “The Pebble’s Splash

  1. I finally realize why I look forward to the wonderful sharing that happens here … It reminds me of the 70s of the open mic nights on railroad street in Bellingham when a bunch of us college students would get brave enough to go and share our thoughts out loud in front of complete strangers … sitting on the hard old stool with a spot light on the person willing to open up and do something they normally would never do … open up in a way that was a risk, all by sharing a poem or a song or a heart wrenching story . Those nights of sharing felt like they could be life changing the same way these wonderful writings are . thanks again Emily , You fill my mind with pondering thoughts that carry me thru the day … the ripples are world wide… waves of a peaceful tide . I often wondered if anyone else remembered those magical nights in front of the mic , oh those college days ….


  2. Thanks Peggy, I was way too shy to share anything at a coffee house in those days but admired those who did!

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  3. Oh Emily,
    Someday when you least expect it, or when you need it the most, you will get a thank you from someone for something you may have said or did that made such an impact to them. Something that stood out in their mind as being so meaningful, a cross roads or even an anchor to ground them. That’s how God uses us. He knows whom He can count on to be His voice in troubled times. Keep writing, you inspire so many of us in ways you don’t even know. ‘
    Laura in Cal. that actually got a few sprinkles of rain today.


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