Just My Luck


“Therefore keep watch, because you do not know the day or the hour.”
Matthew 25:13

I’ve been keeping quiet about the rapture predicted for tomorrow at 6 PM.  It is a complete embarrassment that anyone would presume they could calculate and predict the exact moment of the beginning of the end of the world.   The whole point of the Second Coming is that we won’t know it until it’s in our laps and then it won’t be subtle.  It’s kind of like a surprise kitchen inspection by the Department of Health. Either you are always ready, with things spic and span, or you are toast.  Now THAT is something to think about.

This whole idea of rapture is new to me as I didn’t grow up in an “end times”  kind of family.  Even so, my very pious Bible-reading grandmother was certain if she lived to be 102 (in the year 2000),  the trumpet would sound and in a twinkling of an eye she’d be gone at the stroke of midnight.  It’s just as well the Lord took her home in 1970 as she would have been sorely disappointed that the millenium didn’t change a thing.  We are still trying to keep watch, now without Grandma.

So not knowing when it is going to happen, it would be just my luck for the trumpet to sound at a very inopportune moment–like when I’m on the toilet, or when I’ve just said something really cranky, or I’m fast asleep and miss the whole thing.   I’d like to think I’m trying to live every moment as if it were my last on earth, but reality is something different.  I think we all become a little ADD when it comes to preparing for the end of the world.

If this May 21 doomsday prediction has done anything, it does remind us:  when we’re behaving badly,  let that not be our last moment on earth.  In anticipation, we need to clean up what we think, say and do.

Otherwise we’ll be caught with our pants down,  and not even given a chance to flush.

One thought on “Just My Luck

  1. Dear Emily,

    Loved this posting–wise words, kindly written. So glad Kim Hale sent this on to me.

    Take care,

    Duncan Saunders


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