Celebrating Our Children

This is just to say:
We’re so proud of our children!  We are incredibly blessed…

5211_512842204434_148300158_30521367_4130354_nNate, vacationing at Point No Point on Vancouver Island (age 23)

5728_256606195079_534975079_8429596_3731603_nBen, on a leadership retreat for Wheaton at Honey Rock, Wisconsin (age 20)

5809_239477975461_877840461_8198807_56149_nLea, riding her special mare, Marlee at home (both are age 16)

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2 thoughts on “Celebrating Our Children

  1. wow it doesn’t take very long to grow up.
    ( :

    You have every right to be proud. I have always thought your children were very thoughtful, kind, and entertaining to be around.

    may God continue to bless you all for many many many years.


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