2 thoughts on “The Knotted Side

  1. Yes, indeed, Corrie Ten Boom has received the Crown. What a magnificent Christian witness she was (and still is) — even before she and her sister were sent to Ravensbruck concentration camp for helping Jews and others during WWII . Her sister died there. I read Corrie’s book, The Hiding Place, and the film adapted from it, in the 1970s. It is so good to see her name in print again.

    I often wonder about the ordinary people who risk everything to follow the Gospel mandate. There can be only one answer: their faith in Christ Jesus and His Promises of life eternal to those who follow Him regardless of the cost. He showed us the way. And yet, we are human and want to hold on to our lives as long as possible. Most of us fear torture, for us and for those we love. History tells us of the courage and love of humanity that people of faith have shown under the most terrible situations imaginable. As Christians, we stand on such shoulders and hope that we would be able to emulate their faith and courage if and when we face such dire circumstances.

    Thank you, Emily, for re-visiting the life and sacrifice of one of our modern day saints.


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