Candlelight vigil for Dwight Clark, photo by Western Front


Missing a night’s sleep after the party,
and sleeping in Sunday morning
Missing a morning shower,
and breakfast then lunch

Missing a walk across campus,
and an hour of skateboarding
Missing time to study,
and then dinner

Missing his mother’s two calls,
and his new roommate’s concern when the bed stays unslept in
Missing his friends’ many unanswered texts,
and one class, and then another

Missing his mom searching his undisturbed car, his desk, his room for clues,
and her tears and pleas for help
Missing the email alert to campus,
and the prayers of people he never knew

Missing the canine search and rescue team,
and the reward offered for leads
Missing the fliers posted across the city,
an dthe thousands showing support online

Missing the candlelight vigil,
and the media coverage
Missing it all
and being missed

Just plain gone


Until he’s found
and terribly missed

with heartfelt prayers for the family and friends of new freshman student Dwight Clark who disappeared without a trace early 9/26/10 in Bellingham, Washington

5 thoughts on “Gone

  1. Something like this happening astounds me, Emily; when we stir in the frequency of missing people and especially young people, it becomes my greatest Great Unknown, the Supreme Mystery. My only solace is the consistency of your communicative capacity; your pen has brought a sense of dignity and urgency to a scenario that defies all that civilization is defined by. How can we consider to call ourselves civilized when bright young people vanish between a party and home and kids literally vanish into thin air. Yet your writing reminds us of our civility in the very frustration of dealing with such an anomoly. Thank you for all you do.


  2. Dwight Clark is the son of a friend. The outpouring of love from the community is amazing. Thanks for this beautiful poem and your support for Dwight’s family and friends.


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