Easy in the Harness

Freedom of Speech by Norman Rockwell

You have freedom when you’re easy in your harness.  ~Robert Frost

It takes reminding that “The Fourth of July” is “Independence Day”.  We get so caught up in the date on the calendar, the holiday atmosphere, the gatherings and food and fireworks, that the gift of freedom proclaimed boldly by our country’s forefathers and defended by each succeeding generation ends up a secondary consideration.

Yet it is primary, in every way.

Freedom from Fear by Norman Rockwell

We are a working people.  We are devoted to betterment of life for ourselves and our countrymen, as well as the citizens of the world.   We shoulder much burden in that pursuit, and it is worth every ounce of sweat, every sore muscle, every drop of blood, every tear.

To feel the blessing of the harness–that is freedom.

Freedom of Worship by Norman Rockwell

3 thoughts on “Easy in the Harness

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  2. Important thoughts to remember and to pass on.,,Frost’s and Rockwell’s contributions are perfect for this important day. They bring back such stirring memories of the American people at their best.


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