A writer friend just introduced me to an old word that describes a state of contentment in a visceral way.  Using it feels like opening a window in a stuffy room.


the rumbling vibration of a cat’s purr,

flannel sheets warmed when wind and snow blur,

a filling meal of fresh home grown food

a cow chewing cud, eyes closed in serene mood,

the slow wakening after a full night’s sleep,

a pig’s wallow in cool mud so deep,

the low-throated nicker of a mare to her foal,

a tub of smooth water when muscles exert a toll,

the sucking hungry baby in rocking chair bliss,

a cuddle in jammies before bed with a book not to miss.

One thought on “Gruntled

  1. Isn’t it characteristic of our times, Emily, that the negative antonym of this word is more widely used. Disgruntled. Indeed. But I’m with you; let’s hear it for gruntled. Reminds me of a writer friend with whom I got into a system of evaluating experiences. Some were overwhelming, some underwhelming, and some were merely whelming. Doncha just love language!!!


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