Briers and Thorns

…Do not be afraid, though briers and thorns are all around you
Ezekiel 2:6

Today I will make wild blackberry cobbler, facing down the brambles and briers that thwart my reach for the elusive fruit.
I gather more berries than scratches to prove that thorns must never win and I must not yield to them.

Painful thorns have always been part of life. They barricade us from all that is sweet and good and precious.
They tear us up, bloody us, make us cry out in pain and grief, deepen our fear that we may never overcome them.

Yet even the most brutal crown of thorns did not stop the loving sacrifice, can never thwart the sweetness of redemption,
will not spoil the goodness, nor destroy the promise of salvation to come, not even on a day when hopes and dreams
went up to the skies in the darkest smoke and collapsed into unrecognizable rubble.

We now simply wait to be fed the loving gift that comes from bloodied hands.

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