January 5, 1993

I couldn’t sleep that snowy stormy night even though I was not in earnest labor, and safely tucked into a hospital bed on the Labor and Delivery unit, my husband sleeping soundly in the other bed in the room.  It had been plenty harrowing just getting to the hospital in a northeaster, getting stuck in a snow drift, and being dug out by a bulldozer.   I knew our long-awaited third baby, over a week overdue, would be born the next day, blizzard or no blizzard, and then as soon as I could stand up and walk,  we would head right back to the farm to our sons, where our neighbors were staying with them.  At least that’s what I had planned.

It didn’t work out that way.  Not even close.

This baby wasn’t going to enter the world without a little more drama.  Instead of stoically agreeing along with me to undergo labor induction, this baby decided a more rapid exit of the womb was preferred.  No labor, no fanfare, just a heartbeat under 40 for a sustained period of time that got everyone’s attention, quickly resulting in an emergency C-Section.   It was a highly effective way to be born in a hurry. She got her way.

So Eleanor Sarah Gibson was born at 8:46 AM, looking pink and just fine.  And she’s been better than fine for seventeen years.  She’s been terrific.  Even when we remind her she was almost a snow drift baby.

Happy Birthday, Lea!  We love you!

A farmer's daughter
Just checking to see if she is real...
Best forever brothers

3 thoughts on “January 5, 1993

  1. *HUGE delighted smile!!!!!*

    Oh my – what a gorgeous little red head! (I’m smiling because your family looks like a loving and gentle one)

    My one little man was born a red head – temper to match, but a sweet and loving child as I have been told most reds are…

    This was a lovely story – thank you for sharing.

    Be well,


  2. Reblogged this on Barnstorming and commented:

    I embarrass our daughter annually on January 5 with her birthday story because it was so dramatic (for us!) and though she was the main character in the drama, it is all myth to her. Lea is 21 today! Inconceivable! Yet it is so and we celebrate the Author of the drama that ensured she would have many birthdays to come. Happiest of birthdays to you, Lea!


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