Advent Meditation–Man of Sorrows

In my work, I see sorrow daily.  It can look very different depending on the individual and circumstances, manifesting as a headache, or stomach ache, or back ache, or it can look like the tear streaked face of the deepest soul ache.  Too often it is from the distress borne out of the sadness of broken relationships, from abandonment, betrayal, and dishonesty.  Sorrow is a response to overwhelming sin.

What I don’t see often is the crushing weight of someone taking full responsibility for another’s sin.  Imagine offering oneself up , accepting punishment for something one has not done, making the ultimate sacrifice to pay off another’s debt, to walk the earth every day knowing the suffering that will be necessary for all this to happen as planned.

We are told Jesus wept.   He knew soul ache first hand, but the ache was for our souls, his sorrow for us.

He entrusts his broken body to us,  his blood spilling at our feet.   All we are asked to do is hold him and love him.  And the ache will go away.

Isaiah 53:3

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