Advent Meditation– Jesus as Yeshua

What did Jesus’ name actually sound like when pronounced?  The name Jesus is an English translation of the Greek  Iesous (pronounced ee-ay-sus). Yet Jesus grew up Hebrew, not Greek, so his Hebrew name would  have been pronounced differently and certainly not with a J sound as there is no J in the Hebrew alphabet.  His Hebrew name before translation to Greek was written as above:  Yeshua,  roughly translated: “God is a saving cry” or more precisely “shout to God when in need of help.”     It simply means “he saves”.

I’m not too troubled that we pray a name that is pronounced differently than what his original name may have sounded like.  I’m reassured that his name, however it sounded,  was provided by the Father for the Son, with both earthly parents clearly instructed on what to name the baby.

It was God’s message to them, it was God’s message to His Son, and most of all, it was His message to us:  “Shout to me when you need help–I will come.”

Luke 1:31

Matthew 1:21

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