Dreams Do Still Come True…

On November 27, I am always eleven years old again…


This is a date that stands out on my calendar every year. Whenever November 27 comes around, I think back to a very skinny freckled eleven year old girl who wanted nothing more than to have her own horse. Every inch of my bedroom wall had posters of horses, all my shelves were filled with horse books and horse figurines and my bed piled with stuffed horses. Everything but the real thing out on the small acreage we lived on. We had a small shed, not a real barn, and no fences, and though I was earning money as best I could picking berries and babysitting, I was a long way away from the $150 it would take to buy a trained horse back in 1965. I dreamed horsey dreams, mostly about golden horses with long white manes, hoping for that day when it would become real for me.


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One thought on “Dreams Do Still Come True…

  1. This is a beautiful story, Emily. I do envy you your love of these, love-giving animals — your ‘children.’.
    Thank you for sharing your intimate memories of this important part of your life.


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