Running Back Up the Sunbeam

photo by Nate Gibson

One’s mind runs back up the sunbeam to the sun…
~C.S. Lewis

photo by Nate Gibson

photos by Nate Gibson


We so easily forget from Whom and Where we come,
the purpose for which we are created and sent forth,
how bright and everlasting our origins.
If we fail to live and serve as intended,
it is from our own frailty,
not that of the Creator.

When light shines so that others might see,
we are simply the beam and not the source.
The path leads back to the Triune God
and we are but a mere pathway.

May we illuminate as we are illuminated.



4 thoughts on “Running Back Up the Sunbeam

  1. we are studying acts in bsf this year. the words above fit in perfectly. may i have your permission to share these words with my small group? blessings to you and yours….

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  2. The photos depicting the Light breaking through the clouds, muted sunlight or moonlight, have always reminded me of our Lord
    peeking through, letting us know (when we are caught up in our busyness, and forget to lift our eyes skyward or take Him for granted)
    that He IS there, as He promised us through Jesus that He would be. Three emotions bring the whole scene together for me and leave my soul calmed, serene,and gratefully assured that He does indeed care for and love us. The light is a reminder – much like the lighthouses along coastal seaways., or perhaps even our childhood request when we are put to bed at night to please leave the little night light on….letting us know that we will not be alone
    or afraid in the dark….

    Thank you, Emily. Nate’s photos are lovely.

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