Life Making Life









In the beginning
is a dream of being.
This is real:
What the earthworm
and slug do in their becoming
what cells and galaxies do
what the atoms in lichen and microbes are–
the glue and the forces
that hold us together–
the armature of bones and stones.
How the mountain and trees and oceans breathe.
What the whale knows.
We don’t know why
only glimpses of how and what
from the source of compassion–
life making life and becoming
as it turns again and again.
~Carol Snyder Halberstadt “What We Are”








Each day I glimpse cells organized into structures programmed to reproduce themselves. The essence of life making life comes from a spark of continuous renewal, from the dying away to the born once again.

The spark may be sheer chemistry between molecules, or an electromagnetic interaction of particles.

It may be a prophecy fulfilled or an old story retold or a dream made real.

I believe the spark is nothing less than Love itself, whether within the DNA of slugs or lichens or that of our precious next generation born in the image of God.

In the beginning, we were begun by this Love. In His compassionate grace, we will begin again and again.


photo by Tomomi Gibson

5 thoughts on “Life Making Life

  1. Precious pic of Uncle Nate and his niece, Emma Sophia.
    She has not lost a bit of her striking lovely visage of infectious joy and wonderment
    since the first pics you posted when she was weeks old.
    I think that this little person is destined for great things. You and Dan have been so
    richly blessed with a beautiful marriage, three committed children who
    are leading purposeful loves — and now, Emma – the first of a ‘new’
    Gibson generation. Your posting title, ‘Life Making Life’ is most


  2. Beautiul post, beautiful family. My modem has been down, so i’m missing you with the daily readings. Please know you have been in my thoughts and prayers. I will be getting the modem replaced soon. Blessings from the Nut farm.


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